My Gear

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The Sony Alpha is my camera system of choice. I have been using their gear since the original NEX cameras.

My main camera is the Sony a7R IV with the vertical grip. With its high resolution, clean files and how it captures great color it gives my clients and me the ability for multiple uses of the images. Other cameras in my kit are the Sony a9 for the more intense action work that the a7R IV focus or frame burst rate may not keep up with. As well as the APS-C Sony a6000 for remote location work.

I find that lenses support diverse creative style. On day one I’m at a rocket launch. The following day I’m shooting a rare Syrian coin.
A few lenses I use have similar field of view (FOV). For my work this is on purpose. I have these as a backup in case there is an equipment accident. For my clients benefit, I want nothing especially equipment issues, to stop the shoot.

9mm f5.6 
8-15mm f4 Canon Fisheye – very good for 360 VR work
12mm f2.8 Rokinon Fisheye  backup for VR work or for remotes
12-24mm f2.8 Sony f2.8 GM
20mm f1.8 G Sony
24-105mm f4 Sony G
28mm f1.4 7Artisan 
35mm f2.8 Tamron very good for close up work
65mm f2 APO Voigtlander Macro 
70-180mm f2.8 Tamron
85mm f1.4 Sony GM
100mm f2 Zeiss Macro, Canon mount used with Sigma MC-11 adapter
200-600mm Sony G 

Lenses Sony a6000 for remote locations
8mm f2.8 Rokinon APS-C fisheye 
12mm f2 Rokinon APS-C
50mm f2 Minolta MD
200mm f4 Minolta MC

Speedlight (a.k.a. speedlite)
I prefer Sony and Nissin for compact, camera flash lighting.
While in the field I usually carry the Air 10 with a Sony HVL-43M and the Nissin Air R wireless recover and 2 Nissin i60 flash units. 
I find the Sony HVL-F60M and HVL-43M offer better options for bounce lighting. On the Nissin system I use a bit of everything from their excellent MF18 ringflash.  I like the MG10 with Air 10 remote commander to the Nissin i700 and i60 flash units.

Studio Lighting
For studio work I have a several older Comet Strobe powerpacks & fan cooled heads. Purchase a used unit and they are cost effective, well designed, and put out a lot of power. I have used the Profoto D4 system but unfortunately when traveling to shoots, they were being damaged during travel or shipping. This lead me to try out the Comet model.

Camera Bags
For most photo shoots the Think Tank Photo Rollers bag travels well. Once on site I’ll carry the days equipment in the Think Tank Retrospective or Domke camera bag.
Camera Straps
When working in tight environments like an aircraft cockpit I’ll use BlackRapid straps or the Spider system.

It’s old school but lightening fast and a warrior. I use a 2009 Mac Pro that I’ve rebuilt a few times. At some point I will upgrade. I’m considering a M1 power model or other professional orientated units Apple releases. 

Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom Classic enables me to do edits if needed. Topaz AI has excellent still image software. When working with video, I use Final Cut Pro.